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Christmas Cookie Swap 2017

It’s that time of year again and I’d love you to join me for the Blank Makes annual Cookie Swap! If you’re a keen cookie baker and you love Christmas this is a night you won’t want to miss - cookies, gift packaging, bubbles, tasty nibbles, Christmas tunes and lots of fun!

If you’re not familiar with a cookie swap, let me explain…

A cookie swap is a gathering where each person bakes enough of one kind of cookie to share with everyone. At the party you can sample the treats and trade your cookies with the other guests! At the end of the night you take home a beautiful assortment of cookies ready to gift and share with friends, teachers and family.

There will be a ‘packing station’ for you to package your cookies with plenty of gift boxes, bags, tags, string, stickers and stamps.

I will be showing you some gorgeous ways to package your take home cookies.

Ticket cost $50 includes:

- Bubbles, Sangria and (savoury!) finger food
- Use of our ‘packaging station’ supplies on the night including, boxes, cello bags, cotton bags and craft supplies to decorate.
- You will be taking home beautifully packaged cookies ready to gift to friends and family


What you need to bring:

This year we are refining our cookie swap formula!

I'm  aiming for 24 attendees for the cookie swap. I would like every attendee to go home with a minimumof 3 cookies of each cookie type. (ie: 3 cookies per serve)

Please bake a minimum of 6 dozen (approx 3 batches) of cookies. This will result in a total of 72 cookies. This may seem like a lot of cookies, but you will go home with the same amount, but a wonderful assortment of cookies. Love that! 

There is an exception to this formula: If you want to bake more cookies, for example, a whole lot of mini cookies, you may want to alter the number of cookies in the 'serve’. (eg; 6 cookies per serve). We will simply make a note of this when displaying your cookies.

On the evening, we will supply 'place cards' for your cookies where you will fill in the name of the cookie, who baked them and how many 'cookies per serve’ for each attendee. This year you will place your tin / platter / container of cookies onto the table for display. 

Please note we will not be transferring your cookies into the boxes for display like we did last year. I will, however, be supplying you with large catering boxes for you to collect the cookies from the table display.

Please let me know what type of cookie you will bring, email so I can make sure we don’t have too many of the same type of cookie.


Guidelines and Tips

Traditionally, cookie swaps do have ‘guidelines’ that are set to avoid any stress or disappointment! Please read our tips and guidelines.

- High quality cookies are important to ensure a fair trade for everyone.
- the cookies must be home made
- no cookies from the supermarket
- keep your cookies to a modest size. No oversized ornamental cookies.
- bars, blondies and brownies may be brought
- Carefully choose what you bake. Very thin or delicate cookies are a no-no. You want something that won’t break or crumble and that has a good shelf life at room temperature.
- Careful with chocolate with summer temperatures. Avoid chocolate bark etc
- no soft icing - does not travel or package well. 


When you bake:

I encourage you to bake your cookies a couple of days in advance. It’s the busiest time of year and you want to avoid running out of time to bake! 

I also encourage you to bake your traditional passed down family recipes or ethnic traditional cookies.

And I would love you to experiment with some unique recipes, try different cookie cutters, or sprinkles / toppings.

Happy Baking and can’t wait to see you!!







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